Lund’s Swedish Pancake Mix, 12 oz

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This Swedish Pancake Mix makes crisp, thin pancakes

You can also use this pancake mix for Swedish-style waffles.

Enjoy pancakes and waffles with butter, syrup, or even lingonberry jam.

Lund’s Swedish Pancake Mix helps you make deliciously thin pancakes in a matter of minutes. One egg and water (or milk) is all you need to add to this mix for enough pancakes to serve four. Make sure to preheat your cookware as the batter will be very thin.

This pancake mix also includes an easy waffle recipe. Enjoy tender, crisp pancakes or waffles with melted butter, jam, or maple syrup. Swedish waffles and pancakes are especially tasty with lingonberry jam. Enjoy a stack of pancakes with a cup of coffee or black tea for a delightful weekend breakfast.


Wheat Flour, Malted Barley Flour Whey Powder (from Milk), Sugar, Baking Powder, Salt.


12 oz


Product of Sweden


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