Lyle's Golden Syrup Bottle, 16 oz

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Enjoy Lyle's Golden Syrup as an alternative to honey

This golden cane sugar syrup has a more complex flavor than regular sugar syrup.

Replace golden syrup for honey or maple syrup in baking and cooking of all kinds.

One of the most recognizable brands of golden syrup in the world, Lyle's Golden Syrup is a delicious alternative to honey. The sugar refining process gives this golden-colored syrup a texture similar to honey. But it also doesn't crystalize as easily as honey, making it more convenient to store for long periods of time.

Additionally, golden syrup has a more complex flavor than white sugar or simple syrup made from white sugar, meaning the subtle flavor notes of your baked goods aren't lost when you use it as a replacement for honey or brown sugar.

Use Lyle's Golden Syrup Original Cane Sugar Syrup in your hot beverages and dessert recipes. This is a great choice for a natural sweetener, especially for those who follow a strict vegan diet.


Partially inverted refiners syrup


16 oz (454g)


Product of the United Kingdom

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