Maina il Gran Pandoro Ricetta Tradizionale - 2.2 lbs

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Pandoro Cake has a light texture and rich fragrance

This Maina pandoro recipe contains fresh eggs and butter.

An adherence to tradition and superior quality ensure this is a product for real connoisseurs and lovers of pandoro.

The Maina il Gran Pandoro is a traditional Italian holiday cake with a texture that's incredibly soft, a delicate taste, and quality ingredients. Soft, fragrant, and baked with care, the Maina il Gran Pandoro is an essential part of every Italian Christmas.

Pair this pandoro cake with freshly brewed coffee or tea. Enjoy it with an assortment of fresh fruit. Or savor this gourmet Italian cake with a glass of dessert wine or a sweet liqueur.


Wheat flour – Fresh eggs – Sugar – Butter – Whole fresh pasteurized milk 4% – Natural yeast (contains wheat) – Fructose – Emulsifying agent: Mono-diglycerides of fatty acids – Cocoa butter – Salt – Flavours.

Ingredients packet icing sugar (5%): Sugar – Wheat starch – Flavours.

May contain traces of nuts and soya.


2.2 lbs


Product of Italy

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