Maison Loisy Pitted Sour Cherries in Light Syrup, 2.2 Lbs

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These Sour Cherries are packed in a light syrup

Enjoy these sweet and tart cherries as part of dessert dishes like ice cream and cheesecakes.

Add these cherries to cocktails and non-alcoholic mixed drinks.

Maison Loisy Pitted Sour Cherries in Light Syrup are ideal for desserts and mixed drinks. These tart and sweet cherries are pitted and packed in a light syrup, making them a convenient choice for a variety of sweet recipes.

Use these cherries to garnish an ice cream sundae or cheesecake. Enjoy them on a cherry or fruit pie with whipped cream. Or drizzle them into shakes, cocktails, and mocktails to add a dash of cherry flavor.

These cherries are perfect for Old Fashioned cocktails as well as Shirley Temples with soda and grenadine. You can also enjoy these cherries as part of a chocolate fondue platter, or snack on them on their own for a delectable snack.

Looking for a present for birthdays or holidays? Add these cherries to a gift basket for anyone who enjoys making cocktails or other mixed drinks.


Sour cherries, Water, Sugar, and Glucose-Fructose syrup; Acidity regulator (citric acid); Firming agent.


2.2 Lbs 


Product of France

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