Malizia Deo Uomo "Silver" Body Spray, 5.1 oz


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Malizia Silver Body Spray has a strong, fresh scent

All you need as a small amount of this body spray for a scent that will impress.

Malizia Deo Uomo Body Spray is fit for any occasion.

Malizia Deo Uomo "Silver" Body Spray delivers a strong, classic, manly scent. Use it to freshen up in the morning. Spray it on after exercising. Or use Deo Uomo Body Spray before heading out on a date!

This Italian body spray is made for everyday use. Simply spray it for a second or two for long-lasting freshness. You can even use a small amount of this body spray to give your bathroom towels a clean scent.

This convenient spray bottle is also easy to travel with. Pack it into a backpack or bag for road trips and hikes. Or keep a bottle in the car in case you need to freshen up on the go.

Explore a variety of Italian fragrances by Malizia at Supermarket Italy. Looking for a present for someone special? You can add this deodorant spray to a self-care gift basket for Father's Day, birthdays, or any other celebration.


5.1 oz (150mL)


Product of Italy


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