Masini Cantuccini Mandorla with Almonds, 14 oz

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These Italian Almond Cantuccini are traditional sweets

These cantuccini cookies are a type of almond biscotti that are often used to welcome guests.

Pair these Tuscan almond cookies with espresso, tea, or even a glass of sweet dessert wine.

Masini Cantuccini are crisp almond cookies from Italy. These biscuits are excellent for breakfast alongside espresso drinks such as cappuccinos and most traditionally enjoyed after an evening meal with a good glass of Vin Santo dessert wine. Alternatively, serve them as part of a luxurious ice cream sundae. Or crumble these lightly brown Italian cookies into a parfait as a crunchy dry ingredient layer.

Great for welcoming guests, serve these authentic cantuccini on a dessert platter with fresh fruit, mixed nuts, and chocolate. Enjoy these Italian almond cookies during holidays, anniversaries, and all sorts of other celebrations. Or bring them to a picnic or barbecue for a convenient dessert that's perfect for sharing with friends and family. Masini Cantuccini are also a wonderful choice for a gift basket. Send them with a bottle of dessert wine for a thoughtful present. 


Fine wheat flour, sugar, almonds (17%), eggs, egg yolk, butter, honey, partially skimmed milk, raising agent


14 oz


Product of Italy

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