Matouk's Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Sauce, 5 oz.

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This Trinidad Scorpion Sauce is intensely hot

One of the hottest peppers in the world gives this hot sauce an extraordinary flavor.

Try a few drops of this chili pepper sauce on eggs, sandwiches, pizza, and more.

The word "scorpion" pretty much says it all. The heat of Matouk's Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Sauce is extreme. Just a few drops and you'll have a slow but intense burn to accompany your dish. Use this Scorpion pepper hot sauce on everything from eggs at breakfast to meat at dinner!


Aged pickled Scorpion and Scotch Bonnet peppers (peppers, vinegar, salt), water, modified corn starch, garlic, West Indian herbs, potassium sorbate


5 oz


Product of Trinidad and Tobago

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