Menu 1932 Pomodorina Pasta Sauce, 24 oz

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This Pomodorina Pasta Sauce is savory and robust

This authentic Italian tomato sauce recipe contains a blend of aromatic vegetables and herbs.

Enjoy pomodorina sauce in pastas, meat dishes, and other Italian recipes.

Pomodorina pasta sauce by Menu 1932 brings Mediterranean flavor to your table. This tasty condiment will become a cupboard staple. Pomodorina pasta sauce is made with a selection of fine, sun-ripened tomatoes from Emilia Romagna, aromatic vegetables, and fresh herbs. Add it to a gift basket for anyone who enjoys Mediterranean cuisine.

Its subtle and fresh flavors will keep you going back for more. Menu 1932's pomodorina pasta sauce is a quick and adaptable addition to pasta, pizza, and other Italian dishes. You can even use this savory sauce as the base for a delicious Italian stew.

Compared to marinara sauce, this high-quality pomodorina is smoother and slightly less sweet. Pair pomodorina dishes with a glass of red or white wine for a luxurious Italian-style dinner.


Tomato pulp, tomato paste, carrot, onion, celery, extra virgin olive oil, salt, sugar, spices, garlic


24 oz.


Product of Italy 


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