Messmer Fennel Tea, 25 Count

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These Fennel Herbal Tea Bags are caffeine free

Enjoy this fennel seed tea hot or over ice.

Drinking a cup of fennel tea is a health-conscious way to relax.

Messmer Fennel Tea is a caffeine-free herbal tea. These fennel tea bags have a licorice-like flavor with a mildly bitter finish. After steeping this tea in boiling water, you can enjoy it hot, or prepare a pitcher of refreshing iced tea.

Sweeten this fennel tea with milk and honey. Enjoy it alongside cookies, cake, or any other dessert dish. Pour it in a thermos to sip during a hike. Or drink fennel tea in the evening to unwind.

Drinking a cup of hot tea can help soothe the symptoms of a common cold such as a sore throat and congestion. Making a cup of tea part of your nightly ritual can also make it easier to fall asleep at a regular time. Additionally, fennel tea has antibacterial properties that may strengthen your immune system against certain infections.




25 Tea bags


Product of Germany


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