Misura Extra Fiber Whole Meal Rusks, 11.29 oz

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These Rusk Toasts are made with wholemeal flour

Enjoy these Italian wheat rusks dry-cured meat and cheeses on a charcuterie platter.

Spread your favorite fruit jam over these rusks for a sweet snack.

Misura Extra Fiber Wholemeal Rusks are miniature Italian toasts packed with grains. Offer these crunchy morsels on a charcuterie board with your favorite cured meats and cheeses, or spread jelly and clotted cream on top for a breakfast bite. Rusks will be perfect for serving with soups and stews, adding extra fiber as well as crispy contrast. 


Wholemeal wheat flour 96%, sunflower oil, yeast, sugar, fiber 2%, salt, malted wheat flour, barley malt extract. 


320 grams (11.29 oz)


Product of Italy

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