Mitica Sardo Cheese Wedge, 8 oz [PACK of 2]

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Mitica Sardo is a Pecorino Cheese from Sardinia

This versatile Italian cheese can be added to pizzas, salads, and pasta dishes.

Enjoy sliced on a cheese board or use to make authentic Italian recipes.

A cheese made from sheep's milk, Mitica Sardo is a variety of pecorino sardo from Sardinia. Similar to how pecorino siciliano is named after Sicily, the island of Sardinia gives this type of cheese its name. This semi-hard cheese is ideal for crumbling or grating, making it a flavorful alternative to parmigiano reggiano. You can also use this cheese in place of pecorino romano in a cacio e pepe pasta recipe. Or simply enjoy it on a charcuterie board with thinly sliced cured meats such as salami, prosciutto, or even Spanish-style chorizo.


Pasteurized Sheep's Milk, Rennet, Salt

8 oz each (Pack of 2)

Product of Italy

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