Modiano 51 Italian Romagnole Bordo Playing Cards

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Romagnole Playing Cards are used for Scopa and Briscola

These cards reflect the historical regional style of Romagna.

Modiano has produced authentic Italian cards for over a century.

Modiano has been dealing high quality cards for more than 140 years, producing both authentic, regional Italian playing cards and standard international cards. Their 100% plastic playing cards are so durable that Modiano was chosen as the official card of World Series of Poker 2015! But to Italian-Americans reminiscing about the Old Country, the regional Italian cards are more desirable and collectible.

Modiano Italian playing cards come in different varieties to represent the various regions of Italy. This deck is the Romagna, honoring the historical region in what is southeast Emilia-Romagna today. Each deck contains 40 cards, including face cards with classic illustrations.

You can use this deck of cards to play the traditional Italian card games, Scopa and Briscola. This deck of illustrated cards makes a beautiful gift for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions. Anyone who collects playing cards will appreciate this traditional Italian card set.


40 cards in 1 deck


Product of Italy

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