MoleCola Classic Italian Cola, 11 oz

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MoleCola is inspired by classic Italian recipes

Enjoy this soda right out of the bottle or pour over ice.

This soda is delicious, refreshing, and 100% Italian.

MoleCola Classic Italian Cola is a flavorful soda made with real sugar. A famous book of Piemontese recipes written in 1854 inspired the creation of a cola that's completely Italian.

Enjoy this bubbly drink with a grilled panini with sun-dried tomatoes and fresh herbs. Or pair it with a slice of thin, crisp pizza.

You can even use this cola as a mixer for refreshing summer cocktails. Try it with rum and fresh lime for a classic Cuba libre.


Natural mineral water, sugar, carbon dioxide, coloring: caramel E150d, acidifier: phosphoric acid; natural flavorings, flavorings: caffeine 0.007%; kola nut extract.


11oz (330mL)


Product of Italy


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