Molino Grassi "00" Manitoba Flour, 2.2 Lbs

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This Type 00 Flour is ideal for pizza dough

Baking with this flour gives your pizza crust the perfect crunch.

You can also use this finely ground Italian flour to make other baked goods.

The family behind Molino Grassi have been making bread in Parma, Italy since 1934. It was in the 1960s that the family began producing more than just soft wheat flour. At that time, Molino Grassi opened up one of the first durum wheat processing centers in the region, which allowed them to start selling semolina flour, too. Since the 1990s, the company has depended on organic farming techniques to bring you the best quality flour possible.

Molino Grassi "00" Manitoba Flour can be used to make authentic Italian pizza dough and other baked goods. This type of Italian flour is ideal for making a Neapolitan-style pizza with a crispy crust. You can also use this high-protein flour as part of homemade pasta recipes—perfect for cooking pasta al dente.

Looking for a present for any special occasion? Make this pizza flour part of a gift basket for anyone who enjoys baking Mediterranean recipes. Pair this type 00 Manitoba flour with a selection of high-quality ingredients for anyone who loves to cook or bake.


Soft wheat flour type "00"


2.2 Lbs (1kg)


Product of Italy


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