Moncedillo Madurado Cheese, 1.76 lb.

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This hard Madurado Cheese has a robust, earthy taste

Grate this Spanish cheese over pasta dishes and salads to add a rich layer of flavor.

For a charcuterie board, pair with Spanish chorizo or Italian prosciutto.

Unlike the original Moncedillo cheese, Moncedillo Madurado is a hard, pressed cheese with a complex, earthy flavor. It is a single breed sheep’s milk cheese, aged for three to four months. Notes of forest mushrooms, roasted nuts, wood and spices round out Moncedillo Madurado’s aroma and taste. Sample it along with other types of cheeses from Spain on a cheese board. And enjoy it with a glass of wine or a refreshing wheat beer.

Raw Sheep Milk, lactic ferments, ovine rennet extract and salt.

800 grams (1.76 lb)


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