Monte Nevado Boneless Jamon Serrano, 12 lb.


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Monte Nevado Boneless Jamon Serrano is a Spanish mountain ham that has been aged for over a year. The high quality of Monte Nevado Boneless Jamon Serrano ham is thanks in part to the slow maturation process and long natural curing that these expert meat producers cherish. As with all specialty dry-cured meats, the flavor of this Spanish ham is also decided by its environment, such as the local mountain winds.

Serrano ham, Mediterranean sea salt. USDA inspected

12 lb.

Product of Spain

About Monte Nevado:
Monte Nevado traces its roots to the year 1898 in Segovia, Spain. The first producer, Juan Olmos, began his quest for the perfect Jamon Serrano (mountain ham) upon returning from the Cuban War. Generations later, Monte Nevado has developed into an internationally recognized and respected brand of premium quality dry-cured ham. They live by the motto "the ham in its perfect moment," which refers to the company's appreciation for the natural dry-curing process which is only finished when the ham has reached its fullest flavor.


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