Montinaro Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tin, 3 Liters

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Montinaro Olive Oil is an Italian cooking and finishing oil

Drizzle this oil over stews, crostini, pasta dishes, and other Mediterranean meals.

This oil is delicious as part of marinades and vinaigrettes.

Montinaro Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an Italian olive oil that's piquant and aromatic. You can use this EVOO as either a cooking or finishing oil. Use it to prepare Mediterranean recipes ranging from pasta dishes to crostini appetizers.

This olive oil from Italy is delicious when mixed with red or white wine vinegar. Make this high-quality EVOO part of a marinade, salad dressing, or even a dip for toasted bread. You can also enjoy this oil as part of a charcuterie platter with dry-cured meats and Italian cheeses.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil


3 Liters


Product of Italy

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