Montosco Cyprus Salt Flakes with Premium Grinder, 1.3 oz (38 g)

Sale price$5.99


This Cyprus Salt Grinder contains large flakes of salt

Cyprus flake sea salt makes a beautiful finishing salt for both sweet and savory recipes.

Use this unique sea salt as an alternative to regular table salt.

Sourcing spices and salts from across Italy and around the globe, Montosco brings authentic global flavors right to your kitchen pantry.

Gathered off the coast of Cyprus, Montosco Cyprus Salt Flakes come bottled in a premium grinder that makes it easy to add salty flavor to any dish. Add these delicate salt flakes on top of a salad or a pan of roasted vegetables. Use the grinder to season chicken, poultry, beef, and fish with ease!


2.82 oz (80 g)


Product of Italy

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