Olivar Santamaria Picual Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 16.9 oz

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Olivar Olive Oil is made from Picual olives

This type of olive oil can be used as both a finishing and cooking oil.

Pair this olive oil with a red or white wine vinegar for a bright vinaigrette.

Olivar Santamaria 100% Picual EVOO is an award-winning, cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain. Its robust, rich flavor is ideal for dressings, finishing, cooking, and even frying.

This Spanish oil is made with 100 percent Picual olives, which are very plentiful and popular in Spain. What makes this medium density EVOO special is its high smoke point, which allows it to stand up to high cooking temperatures while still maintaining its exquisite flavor.

Olivar Santamaria EVOO has become a chef favorite for high-heat cooking, with a smoke point of 405 degrees. This is a medium intensity olive oil, which allows the flavors of a dish's ingredients to shine.

Try this high-quality olive oil as part of marinades. Mix this Spanish olive oil with balsamic vinegar for a delicious charcuterie board condiment. Or even use it for baking!


Jaen, Spain


500 mL (16.9 oz)





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