Ortiz Bonito Del Norte White Tuna in Olive Oil Tin, 3.95 oz

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Ortiz White Tuna is packed in olive oil

This high-quality Spanish tuna is great for salads and sandwiches.

A simple combination of oil and salt highlights the natural flavor of this wild-caught fish.

Ortiz Bonito Del Norte in Olive Oil is a superior white tuna from the Bay of Biscay. It's packed in olive oil while fresh to guarantee the best texture and taste.

Use it to prepare a delicious tuna salad with black pepper and fresh lemon juice. Try it on a sandwich with red onions and spinach. Or mix with bread crumbs and mustard to create zesty seafood patties that can be stored in the freezer, then pan fried for a weeknight dinner. However you choose to enjoy this oil-packed fish from Ortiz, pair with your favorite glass of white wine or a sweet hard cider for a delightful meal.

White tuna, olive oil, salt 

1 Tin - 3.95 oz.

Product of Spain

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