Ortiz Sardines Old Style in Olive Oil, 6.7 oz (190g)

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These old-style Ortiz Sardines are packed in Olive Oil

Use these Spanish sardines to add flavor to a variety of Mediterranean dishes.

Enjoy this seafood with the simple addition of steamed rice or freshly baked bread and lemon juice.

Ortiz Sardines a la Antigua ("Old Style") in Olive Oil are small, hand-cleaned sardines that have been slow-cooked using traditional methods. These are mild, fresh-tasting, and very tender fish packed in a sterilized jar. Only refrigerate after opening.

Use these Spanish-style sardines to top a salad with extra virgin olive oil and vinaigrette. Try them as an alternative to anchovies when you want a slightly milder flavor in a recipe. Or enjoy each and every bite right out of the jar. Pair with a glass of dry or sweet white wine.

Sardines, olive oil and salt.

6.7 oz (190g)


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