Pagef Large Cannoli Siciliani Shells Tray, 6 Pieces

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These Large Cannoli Shells are perfect for dessert platters

These cannoli tubes have a crisp, flaky texture.

Fill these golden-brown shells with mini chocolate chips, custard, ricotta cheese, or other sweet fillings.

Originating from the island of Sicily, Cannoli consists of tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough, filled with a sweet, creamy ricotta cheese, and chocolate chips. Pagef's Large Cannoli Siciliani Shells Tray consists of six large cannoli shells, which is great for hosting dinners and other parties.

These cannoli shells boast a light, flaky consistency that complements cannoli cream perfectly. Fill the shells with Cannoli cream, custard, ice cream, or pudding to make a favorite Italian dessert. Pair with a sweet white wine for a luxurious snack.


6 Large Cannoli Shells / Net Weight 125 grams


Sicily, Italy

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