Pantaleo Formaggio Di Capra Wheel, 5 lb.

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Savor this Italian Goat Milk Cheese from Sardinia

This Italian cheese is aged for 100 days, giving it a rich flavor and crumbly texture.

Toss in salads, make appetizers, or enjoy on a cheese board.

Pantaleo Formaggio Di Capra is an Italian cheese made from goat's milk from Sardegna (Sardinia). One of the few aged goat cheeses in Italy, Pantaleo Formaggio Di Capra is aged for a minimum of 100 days to bring about a full-flavored, sweet, floral cheese. While many fresh goat cheeses are spreadable like cream cheese, this aged goat cheese is better suited for crumbling or grating over your favorite salad, pasta, or pizza recipes.

For a delectable charcuterie board, pair this type of cheese from goat's milk with fresh fruit as well as cow's milk and sheep's milk cheeses. Or add freshly grated cheese on top of your favorite burger, sandwich, or panini. Best enjoyed with a glass of wine, wheat beer, or sweet cider.

Pasteurized goat milk, animal rennet, salt, enzymes

5 lb.


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