Parma Prosciutto Grassi Giuseppe Black Label aged 18 Months Top Quarter Cut, 4 Lbs

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Parma Prosciutto Grassi Giuseppe is La Torre's flagship ham

This Black Label meat comes from Parma, Italy, a city with a rich history of high quality cured meats.

For a charcuterie board, serve this Italian meat with a sharp cheese such as Parmigiano Reggiano.

Parma Prosciutto Grassi Giuseppe Black Label is one of the types of prosciutto di Parma that has been aged for 18 months by La Torre. Made from the hind legs of carefully selected livestock, it is considered the brand's flagship ham. With a perfected curing process providing a truly unique flavor, the Black Label is the crown jewel of all La Torre's meats from Parma, Italy.

Enjoy serving prosciutto recipes freshly sliced paired with sweet melon and a pinch of sea salt on a charcuterie platter. Or add this sweet and salty, thinly sliced, air dried ham to your favorite sandwich or panini.

The shape and size of this to quarter cut makes it easy to slice on small machines or with a knife. 


Pork and salt


Top Cut - 5.5 Lbs (Average)


Parma, Product of Italy

About La Torre:

La Torre has been a trusted name in Italian prosciutto since 1968. La Torre specializes in the production of Parma Ham DOP, which makes up about 80 percent of their production. Since 2001, the company has also been producing Gran Culi, which is a type of Italian culatello. They export their prized meat products all across the world, including the United States of America, Japan, Canada, Brazil and China.

La Torre Grassi Giuseppe Black Label Italian Prosciutto product label


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