La Torre 24 Months Aged Legato Riserva Parma Prosciutto, 15 Lbs

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Savor the taste of La Torre Legato Riserva Parma Prosciutto

Aged for 24 months, this cured Italian meat is leaner and meatier than other types of prosciutto.

This high quality serving prosciutto di Parma Ham will make a delectable addition to your next charcuterie board.

Staying true to its name, Italian Prosciutto "ready to slice" delivers a meatier experience. This is because the producers in Parma, Italy remove most of the fat and skin from the hind leg meat as part of the curing process, leaving a leaner, but still delicious end result.

Enjoy the unique flavor of this freshly sliced prosciutto recipes paired with sweet melon and a pinch of sea salt on a charcuterie platter. Or add this sweet and salty, thinly sliced, air dried ham to your favorite sandwich or panini. This cured meat pairs well with a bold wine and sharp cheeses such as Parmigiano Reggiano.

15 Lbs (Average)

Product of Italy

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