Parmacotto Salami Spianata Calabrese, 3.5 lb.

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Spianata Calabrese is flat Italian salami with a kick

This Calabrese salami is seasoned with hot peppers, giving it a flavorful heat.

This dry-cured Italian meat has a flattened shape that's great for sandwiches.

Parmacotto Spianata Calabrese is a large, flat type of Italian salami that has been seasoned to be hot and spicy. Whereas typical salami is a single, rod-shaped piece of dry meat, spianata salami is much wider and contains more meat. Slicing this type of salami creates long slices, rather than the typical circular cuts.

Because of its shape, spianata salami is great for use in sandwiches and paninis. Add this thinly sliced Italian sausage to pizza. Or serve it on a charcuterie board with smoky Gouda cheese and an assortment of fresh fruit.

3.5 lb.


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