Perugina White Milk Chocolate Bar - 100g

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This Italian White Chocolate Bar has a vanilla flavor

The chocolate makers at Perugina make their confections with ingredients of the highest quality.

Add this Italian chocolate bar to a gift basket for any special occasion.

Perugina White Milk Chocolate Bar is Italian chocolate with natural vanilla flavor. This white chocolate bar is delicious with espresso or tea. Alternatively, enjoy it with a glass of dessert wine, such as a ruby port.

Pair this chocolate with fresh fruit and dark chocolate as part of a festive dessert platter. Grate this chocolate over a scoop of chocolate or strawberry ice cream for a luxurious dessert dish. Or try this vanilla-flavored chocolate as part of a yogurt parfait with blackberries and a handful of crunchy granola.

This confection also makes a thoughtful addition to a gift basket for chocolate lovers. Pair it with a selection of other Mediterranean snacks and sweets.


Perugina White Milk Chocolate Tablet - 100g


Product of Italy


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