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Pair this Italian Tagliatelle with rich and creamy sauces

Pirro pastas are slow-dried to retain the durum wheat's natural qualities.

Try this authentic tagliatelle in pasta salads and other Italian pasta dishes.

Pirro is an Italian pasta brand located in the southern Italian region of Calabria. Here, pasta dough is prepared at low temperatures and slow-dried for up to 30 hours, all in an effort to retain the wheat’s natural proteins and gluten. The end result is an Italian pasta with great texture and flavor, perfect for making your favorite recipes. Add an assortment of Pirro pastas to a gift basket for anyone who enjoys Mediterranean cooking.

Pirro Tagliatelle Egg Pasta is an Italian pasta enriched with the flavor and nutrients of free range eggs. This tagliatelle is long, somewhat wide, and high in protein compared to other types of pasta. Tagliatelle pasta is particularly well-paired with rich, creamy sauces.

You can enjoy a number of classic Italian pasta recipes with these egg tagliatelle noodles. Toss al dente noodles with a meat sauce to make a tagliatelle bolognese. Or dress them with extra virgin olive oil, wine vinegar, and fresh herbs for a pasta salad. Serve tagliatelle dishes with wine or sparkling cider for a delightful Mediterranean meal.


Durum wheat semolina, eggs (20%)


8.8 oz (250g)


Product of Italy

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