Sifor Sfizioso Primo Sale Sicilian Pecorino Pomodoro Secco Wheel, 1 Lb

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Sun-dried tomatoes add tanginess to this Pecorino Cheese

Pecorino Siciliano is an excellent grating cheese for pasta dishes, salads, and more.

Try on a charcuterie board with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Sifor Primo Sale Sicilian Pecorino Pomodoro Secco is Italian Pecorino cheese that is made with sun-dried tomatoes. This mild, semi-soft Italian cheese takes on the bright, tangy flavor of the tomatoes for a delightfully unique and mildly sweet taste. Impress your guests by placing Primo Sale Sicilian Pecorino Pomodoro Secco on your next cheese plate, and enjoy with a glass of Italian wine.

For a savory cacio e pepe, combine this Sicilian cheese with pecorino romano in the classic pasta recipe. You can also use this variety of pecorino in place of grated parmigiano reggiano on pizzas and paninis. Or simply enjoy it on a cheese board with wine and fruit—or with other types of cheese from Italy.


1 Lb (Approx) 


Sicily, Italy

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