Principe Pepperoni, 3.5 Lbs [Refrigerate After Opening]

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This Italian Pepperoni is spicy and flavorful

Pair this spicy salami variety with a selection of cheeses and fresh fruit on a charcuterie board.

Enjoy this popular pizza topping with mozzarella cheese, bell peppers, and black olives.

Principe Pepperoni is a bold and spicy cured meat made with ground pork. This authentic Italian pepperoni makes a delicious pizza topping or sandwich ingredient. It's great in numerous Italian-American recipes. You may also serve thin slices of this bright red cured meat on a charcuterie platter with crackers, fresh fruit, and Mediterranean cheeses.


Pork, Salt 2% or less of Dextrose, Spices, Liquid Pepperoni Spice (Natural spice extractives,

extractives of paprika, natural smoke flavor), Garlic Powder, Starter Cultures, Sodium Erythorbate, Sodium Nitrate, Sodium Nitrite, Natural Flavoring.


3.5 Lbs


Product of Italy

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