Rebecchi Ammonia For Sweets, 2 Packages (20 grams each)

F. lli RebecchiSKU: RB192114-UPSTAIRS

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Use this Baking Ammonia for sweets and pastries

This leavening agent improves the texture and flavor of baked goods.

Intended for use with dry mixtures.

Rebecchi Ammonia For Sweets is ideal for biscuits and pastries. This product contains two convenient 20-gram packs. Add it to a gift basket for a loved one who enjoys baking pastries and cookies.

Ammonium bicarbonate is a salt that, with the combination of water present in the dessert and the heat of the oven, turns into carbon dioxide, thus allowing leavening to take place. Reacts completely at 106 ° C, giving fragrance and crunchiness. This ammonium bicarbonate also leaves a subtler flavor than baking soda or powder.

It is not suitable for wet mixtures.


Anti-caking agent: magnesium carbonates (E504), Leavening agent: ammonium carbonate (E503ii). Gluten free.


Two 20 gram (0.7 oz) packets


Product of Italy

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