Rebecchi Mariarosa Vanillina Powder for Sweets, 3 grams

F. lli RebecchiSKU: RB677253

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This Vanilla Powder is perfect for sweets

Use this sweet vanilla bean extract powder to make simple syrups for cocktails and mocktails.

These convenient vanilla packets make it easy to flavor dessert dishes and other recipes.

Rebecchi Mariarosa Vanillina Powder for Sweets will add delicious vanilla flavoring to your baked goods. Sprinkle this pure vanilla extract powder in cake batters, cookie doughs, puddings, and whipped creams. 

For those serious about their cocktails, you can also use Mariarosa Vanillina Powder to make homemade simple syrup. Or, as is common in Italy, you can make Limoncello from scratch. Alternatively, use this powdered vanilla to make a homemade ice cream or frozen custard.


Powdered vanilla extract


6 Pieces (0.5 grams each)


Product of Italy

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