Rebecchi Zafferano Del Meneghino 3 Italian Saffron Powder Bags (0.125 g each)

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This Saffron Powder is conveniently packaged

Try the world's most expensive spice at an affordable price.

Use as an alternative to saffron threads in both sweet and savory recipes.

Rebecchi Zafferano Del Meneghino is saffron powder that comes from crocus flowers in Italy. Saffron is one of the world's most valuable spices, in terms of both flavor and finance.

Use Rebecchi Zafferano Del Meneghino Saffron Powder to season your risotto, fish soup, meat, and even ice cream and tea. Its bright red color and extreme versatility are just part of what makes this spice so special.

Rebecchi Zafferano Del Meneghino comes in bags that are uniquely tailored to preserve the freshness of the spice. Enjoy the incredible convenience of such a hard-to-obtain ingredient.


3 Italian Saffron Powder Bags (0.125 g each)


Product of Italy

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