Rey Silo Rojo Spanish Cheese, 8 oz

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Rey Silo Rojo is an aged Spanish cheese from Asturia

This type of cheese is produced in Northern Spain using raw milk from Asturian cows.

Pair with fruit, bread, and olive oil on a cheese board.

Hailing from Asturia in Northwestern Spain, Rey Silo Rojo Spanish Cheese is part of an ancient cheesemaking tradition that spans centuries. Asturian cows graze on lush wildflower meadows, and the collected fresh cheese curds are then aged in caves along the Nalon river. After this cow milk cheese ages, the result is a firm cheese with a dry consistency tasting of spiced nuts. The texture is similar to that of manchego cheese, a specialty sheep's milk cheese from the La Mancha region.

For a simple yet delightful evening snack, enjoy Rey Silo Rojo cheese paired with your favorite glass of red wine or sweet cider and a handful of acidic olives. Compare it to other popular cheeses from Spain on a gourmet cheese platter. Or serve it alongside Spanish chorizo, Italian prosciutto, and other cured meats on a charcuterie board.

Add this buttery cheese to any number of your favorite recipes. Grate it over pastas, pizzas, and paninis. Crumble it over fresh garden salads, or combine with garlic, lemon, and wine to create a zesty dressing. You can even toss Rey Silo Rojo into a mac and cheese recipe. Or slice it thin and use it as a topping for a meaty burger or toasted sandwich.

Cow milk (raw), animal rennet, paprika (pimento), salt

8 oz

Product of Spain

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