Riscossa #78 Mista Corta Pasta, 16 oz

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This Mista Corta Pasta is made with simple ingredients

Riscossa has made authentic Italian pasta for more than a century.

Try this mista corta in both traditional and experimental recipes.

Riscossa's authentic Mediterranean pastas have been enjoyed in Italian homes since 1902. Made with simple ingredients like durum wheat semolina flour, their pastas are suited for classic Italian recipes as well as more creative pasta dishes. Add Riscossa pasta to a gift basket for anyone who enjoys Italian cooking.

Riscossa Pasta Mista Corta are noodles that are very commonly used in soups. These small, thin, short pieces of mista corta pasta provide the perfect spoonful of bean and vegetable soup. Pair mista corta pasta recipes with white wine, sparkling cider, or fruit juice for a relaxing Mediterranean-style meal.

For a simple Italian pasta recipe, cook this pasta with cherry tomatoes and mushrooms in a zesty tomato sauce. Alternatively, toss al dente noodles with olive oil and vinegar for a simple pasta salad.


100% Durum Wheat Semolina


17.6 oz


Product of Italy

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