Rizzoli Anchovy Fillets in Olive Oil Jar, 3.17 oz

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Rizzoli Anchovies add savory flavor to Mediterranean cuisine

Oil-and-salt-packed Italian anchovies have a firm and meaty texture that's great for pizza and salads.

Try using this oily fish to make a robust pasta sauce or classic Caesar salad dressing.

Recognizable by their golden tin, Rizzoli's oil-packed anchovy fillets are some of the best the Mediterranean Sea has to offer. These fish have a rich flavor on their own, and work as umami bombs when added to savory sauces and recipes. Extra virgin olive oil helps preserve their unique taste.

Try these salted anchovies with pasta, salad, or pizzas. You can eat them plain, grill them, or lightly fry them in olive oil right out of the tin! For certain recipes, you can even use these small fish as an alternative to colatura di alici, an Italian fish sauce.


Anchovies fillet, olive oil, salt

3.17 oz (90g)

Product of Italy

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