Roland Green Peppercorns, 3.75 oz

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These Green Peppercorns are preserved with vinegar

Use these peppercorns to add a tangy, briny flavor to creamy soups and sauces.

These peppercorns can be enjoyed as part of meat, seafood, and vegetarian recipes.

These Roland Green Peppercorns are packed in a vinegar-based brine. These green peppercorns in brine have a much more mild and herbal flavor compared to black peppercorns.

You can add these slightly tangy peppercorns in vinegar to a variety of recipes. Try tossing them in a creamy white wine sauce for chicken or seafood. Enjoy them with roasted vegetables along with sea salt and a dash of black pepper. Or even use these peppercorns in stir-fry recipes.


Green peppercorns, water, vinegar, salt, citric acid


3.75 oz 


Product of Turkey


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