Roland Non-Pareilles Capers, 16 oz

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These Capers are a tangy, briny ingredient

These edible flower buds are a product of caper bushes.

Try green olives and capers in an aromatic pasta dish with a savory tomato sauce.

Roland Non-Pareilles Capers are packed with vinegar and salt. These salty, briny, and tangy flower buds make a delicious addition to a variety of recipes inspired by the Mediterranean region's cuisine. Try them in a chicken piccata with fresh lemon juice and a creamy white wine sauce. Enjoy them in a pasta dish with chopped green olives, freshly ground black pepper, and a robust tomato sauce. Or make these pea-sized capers part of a toasted bagel with cream cheese. You can even use these caper buds as a garnish in Bloody Marys and other savory cocktails.


Capers, Water, Vinegar, Salt.


16 oz


Product of Turke

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