Rougie Duck Fat, 11.2 oz

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Rougie Duck Fat is perfect for cooking meaty dishes

This cooking fat from Canada is rendered from Moulard ducks.

For a more savory recipe, use it as an alternative to vegetable oil or butter.

Prized for its decadence, duck fat is a rich, savory alternative ingredient to butter and oil for cooking. Rougie Duck Fat is rendered from Moulard ducks. A staple in Chinese and French cuisine, it is excellent for coating pans and skillets, roasting vegetables, and adding richness to potatoes, greens, and risottos.

You can use duck fat to prepare a full course meal. Fry up delicious breakfast potatoes with fresh herbs in a skillet. For lunch or dinner, make gastropub favorites like duck fat fries and delicious burgers right at home. Use this cooking fat to make a rich pan sauce. Blend it with eggs to create an intensely flavorful mayonnaise. Or use it as an ingredient in meaty salad dressings.

Rendered duck fat can be used for baking breads and pastries. It works especially well as a replacement for lard in certain recipes. Since the flavor of this fat isn't too intense, it can even be used as a substitute for olive oil in a pinch. There are a world of possibilities for cooking with this rich fat. Try using for a new take on any of your favorite recipes.

Rendered Duck Fat

1 Jar - 11.2 oz.

Product of Canada

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