Rovagnati Gran Mortadella with Pistachio, 25 lb.

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Made with prime cuts from leg, shoulder, and belly along with natural ingredients in strict compliance with Italian tradition and the guidelines of Rovagnati's Responsible Quality Program. The Mortadella with pistachio is the top Rovagnati Mortadella: delicious, wholesome and healthy, made only from meat that comes from Animal Welfare certified farms. Rovagnati Gran Mortadella with Pistachio contains no antibiotics, preservatives, hormones, GMOs, gluten or milk proteins. This silky smooth meat product is studded with bits of green pistachio, one of Italy's favorite nuts, so you get a true taste of Italy in each bite. Mortadella makes an excellent deli meat and charcuterie meat,and has quickly risen to American restaurants as part of haute cuisine.

25 lb.


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