Ruf Granulated Gelatine (3 Sachets)

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This Ruf Gelatine can be used in a variety of desserts

Use this powdered gelatin in cheesecakes, puddings, and much more.

Includes three convenient packets of granulated gelatin.

Ruf Granulated Gelatin is perfect for making delicious cheesecakes, fruit jello, whipped cream, and many other desserts. Try adding some gelatin to a pudding recipe for a classic dessert with a rich and creamy texture.

Gelatin can also be added to homemade marshmallow recipes to give the classic treats their signature texture. Or even use this gelatin to create a pie filling with the perfect balance of lightness and firmness.

The granules of this gelatin are pork-based and finely ground, so you can get the best quality desserts possible. This product includes three convenient 9-gram packets, so you can use just the right amount for any recipe.




Pack of 3 sachets (9 grams each)


Product of Germany

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