Rustic Terracota Cazuela Lime Green Clay Cookware, 13 cm

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Terracotta Cazuelas are clay cookware from Spain

This terracotta cooking dish heats evenly, making it ideal for serving hot foods.

This vibrant terracotta clay cooking dish can be used for both heating and serving foods.

Similar to a casserole dish, Terracotta cazuelas are wide, flat clay cookware from Spain. Glazed on the inside to retain moisture and cooking liquids, this terracotta cookware from CTB Ceramics holds heat evenly, allowing food to continue cooking while at the dinner table.

The Rustic Terracotta Cazuela Green Clay Cookware is a ceramic piece that will be excellent for serving Spanish and Latin American stews, oven casseroles, and can even take the place of a paella pan. This bright and colorful dish can also be used as a serving platter for tapas such as olives, almonds, cheese, and crackers. Or even use this cooking pot to make a quick dinner for one that you can enjoy right out of the hot cookware.

Looking for a gift for the holidays? Add a selection of CTB Ceramic's terracotta cazuelas to a gift basket for anyone who enjoys home cooking.


13 cm


Product of Spain

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