Rustico Red Pepper Cheese Wheel, 3 lb.

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This sheep's milk cheese is infused with red pepper

This spicy Italian cheese adds a satisfying kick to any cheese board.

For fiery pasta recipes, this cheese can be used in place of similar types of cheese such as pecorino toscano.

Rustico Red Pepper Cheese Wheel is the ultimate combination of creamy and spicy. During production the soft, ivory sheep’s milk cheese is mixed with Italian red pepper flakes, giving the sweet, milky cheese a kick.

Enjoy red pepper cheese thinly sliced on a charcuterie board or melted over pizza, pasta, and oven baked dishes. You can also compare it to Italian cow's milk cheeses like scamorza on a cheese platter. Best experienced with a bottle of red wine.

Pasteurized Sheep’s Milk, Rennet, Salt, Red Pepper. Calf Rennet.

3 lb.

Product of Italy

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