Sacla Pesto Alla Genovese, 10.2 oz

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Sacla Genovese Pesto Sauce is a piquant Italian condiment

This pesto is made with fresh basil leaves, cashew nuts, and Italian cheeses.

Pair this classic Italian pesto with your favorite variety of pasta.

Sacla Pesto Genovese with Basil Sauce is a fresh and fabulous Italian pasta sauce. Pesto sauce is a classic recipe in Italian cooking. Pesto sauce with basil is superb with pasta, meats, fish, vegetables, and more. Use this Genovese pesto to slowly simmer chicken thighs or white fish.

You may also enjoy this Italian basil pesto as a spread on a crostini appetizer with freshly grated parmesan cheese. This fragrant appetizer is best paired with a glass of wine or sparkling cider.


Sunflower Seed Oil, Italian Basil (36%), Cashew Nuts, Grana Padano Italian Cheese (Cow's Milk, Salt, Rennet, Egg Lysozyme), Pecorino Romano Italian Cheese (Ewe's Milk, Salt, Rennet), Glucose, Salt, Potatoes, Pine Kernels, Lactic Acid as acidifier, Garlic, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Rosemary, Natural Flavor.


10.2 oz (290g)


Product of Italy

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