Scrappy's Bitters Habanero Firewater, 5 oz

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Habanero Cocktail Bitters have a fiery, sweet flavor profile

Scrappy's Bitters are made in small batches and flavored with organic herbs and spices.

Try adding a dash of these bitters to any of your favorite whiskey, rum, vodka, or gin-based cocktails.

Scrappy's Bitters Habanero Firewater adds intense heat to any cocktail. Be sure to use sparingly, as the spiciness of these habanero bitters is not to be taken lightly! If you can handle the heat, add Scrappy's Habanero Bitters to your margaritas, Bloody Marys, and other cocktail recipes for an extra burst of flavor. The taste is rounded out by a subtle sweetness that makes these bitters as delicious as they are hot.

Try this type of bitters mixed with club soda for a refreshing, low-alcohol drink. Since you only need a few drops of bitters to flavor a drink, bitters and soda makes a great alternative to cocktails and other hard beverages for anyone trying to limit their alcohol consumption. Bitters are also used in certain baked dessert recipes — in the same way you would add a drop or two of vanilla extract. Try these spicy bitters in homemade cinnamon cookies and cakes!

Alcohol, Distilled Water, Habanero, Organic Herbs and Spices

5 oz


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