Sifor Sfizioso Primo Sale Sicilian Pecorino with Pistachio, 1 Lb.

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This Sicilian Pecorino Cheese is mixed with pistachios

This Italian cheese made from sheep's milk offers a rich, slightly sweet taste.

Add Pecorino Siciliano to your favorite salad, pizza, and pasta dishes.

Sifor Sfizioso Primo Sale Sicilian Pecorino with Pistachio is a salty sheep’s milk cheese from Italy. During production, the curds are mixed with pistachios, giving this Sicilian cheese a rich, nutty flavor profile.

You can use this type of cheese as an alternative to pecorino romano, an ingredient in traditional cacio e pepe. Grated pecorino cheese can even be used as a substitute for parmigiano reggiano in certain dishes. Include this cheese crumbled over a salad or on a charcuterie board with rosemary crackers and a fresh pesto spread. Or enjoy it on a cheese board with a bold glass of wine and fruit.


Pasteurized sheep's milk, pistachios, salt, rennet, lactic acid.


1 Lb


Product of Italy

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