Silver Flakes Edible Silver Flakes for Decoration and Garnish, 1000mg

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Edible Silver Flakes are a festive choice for food and drink

Use this real, food-grade silver to garnish desserts, appetizers, and main courses.

Try these silver flakes as a garnish for cocktails.

These food-grade silver flakes are edible garnishes that you can enjoy with virtually any recipe. These pure silver leaf flakes are similar to edible gold. They're an exciting way to decorate both sweet and savory cuisine for birthdays, holidays, and any other special occasion.

Try these edible silver leaf flakes as part of cheesecake, cupcake, or gourmet brownie. Use this eye-catching ingredient to make an artful caprese salad or squid ink pasta dish. Present grilled salmon or steak on a bed of this bright, silver. Make your next charcuterie board stand out. Or add this silver foil to a sushi platter for a visually stunning course.

These silver flakes are also amazing in cocktails and non-alcoholic mixed drinks. Use these metal leaf flakes to decorate the rim of a glass. Or sprinkle a few flakes over other garnishes such as olives or citrus peels.

Product Information:

  • Medium size silver flakes range from 0.10-0.35 of an inch
  • Made from pure silver
  • 100 percent edible 
  • Easy to store non perishable 




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