Six Gun Chipotle Chili Mixin's, 4 oz

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Chipotle Chili Mix gives chilis and stews a smoky flavor

This chipotle pepper mix also contains onion powder, cumin, oregano, garlic, and ground chili peppers.

Enjoy this chili seasoning with ground beef or diced tomatoes and beans.

Everyone knows that Six Gun Chili Mixins may be from Texas, but they still take the good parts from other places. Chipotle peppers from old Mexico are mixed into the Gold Medal-winning Bowl of Red, which gives it a smoky-sweet flavor.

Only the best chipotle chili peppers that have been roasted over a fire are put into the bag of blessedness that is Six Gun chipotle chili mixins. Try it in a classic Texas chili recipe. Enjoy this blend of herbs and spices in a savory stew. Or even add the unique flavor of chipotle peppers to an adobo sauce!


Ground masa flour, ground chili pepper, yellow corn meal, salt, onion powder, cumin, chipotle pepper, hydrolyzed corn protein, oregano garlic powder


4 oz (113g)


Product of USA


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