Smoked Scamorza Treccione, 3.5 lb.

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Smoked Scamorza Treccione is a stretched, smoked curd cheese made from cow's milk. Treccione means "braided" in Italian, and when this version of scamorza is hung to dry, it is first braided together, retaining that unique shape. Smoked Scamorza can be used as a substitute for mozzarella in many dishes. In fact, many chefs opt to use scamorza instead of mozzarella because it melts better in baking. Using smoked scamorza greatly enriches the flavor of a dish, as opposed to using mozzarella’s more mild flavor.

Milk, salt, rennet, bacterial culture: Acidifier: citric acid.

3.5 lb.

Product of Italy

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