Sperlari Club Forte Candy, 7 oz

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These Italian Mint Candies have a long-lasting flavor

These sweets are made with caramelized sugar, giving them a rich taste.

Enjoy these classic Italian candies with freshly brewed tea for a sweet treat.

Love Sperlari Caramelle Club Menta & Eucalyptus? Enjoy a stronger, longer lasting version of the minty, balsamic taste with Sperlari Club Forte Candy. These popular Italian hard candies are made with the essential oil of eucalyptus and menthol.

Fill a candy bowl in your home or office with sweets from Sperlari, one of the most recognizable Italian candy brands. Or bring a bag of these mint-flavored sweets with you on your next road trip.

If you're looking for items to add to a gift basket, these candies make a wonderful choice for anyone with a sweet tooth.


glucose syrup, sugar, caramelized sugar, menthol, eucalyptus essential oil, natural flavors. May contain traces of milk. Gluten free.


200 grams (7.1 oz)


Product of Italy


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